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La Danse

Directed by Frederick Wiseman

Zipporah Films:

Synopsis: Documentary master Frederick Wiseman’s 38th film in a career that has spanned more than that number of years, turns his attention to one of the world’s greatest ballet companies, the Paris Opera Ballet. John Davey’s camera roams the vast Palais Garnier, an opulent 19th century pile of a building: from its crystal chandelier-laden corridors to its labyrinthine underground chambers, from its light-filled rehearsal studios to its luxurious theater replete with 2,200 scarlet velvet seats and Marc Chagall ceiling.

LA DANSE devotes most of its time to watching impossibly beautiful young men and women — among them Nicolas Le Riche, Marie-Agnès Gillot, and Agnès Letestu — rehearsing the choreography of Mats Ek, Wayne McGregor, Rudolf Nureyev and Pina Bausch. For balletomanes and the curious alike, LA DANSE serves up a scrumptious meal of delectable moments, one more glorious than the next, made even more precious by their ephemeral nature. – Karen Cooper, Film Forum

Film Presence partnered with Zipporah Films and mTuckman Media for the New York premiere and 30 city theatrical roll out of La Danse. Film Presence provided a full-scale marketing and outreach campaign, connecting with ballet companies, studios, enthusiasts, teachers and students in addition to cultural organizations, non-profits for the arts and city-based events calendars. By creating localized partnerships, we were able to engage the target audience and involve them in the premiere through announcements, ticket giveaways, advanced word of mouth screenings, social networking and publicity. In addition to general outreach, Film Presence created press releases, maintained facebook and twitter, oversaw digital placement of trailer, consulted on production of digital publicity material and acted as liason between production company, promotional partners and exhibitors.